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 Inflatable Canoe CM400

Inflatable Canoe
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Inflatable Canoe CM400

Technical Data

inflatable canoe C400
inflatable canoe goes down river Pruth (Ukraine) 2005
photo from canoeing provider ExtremePoint, 2005

rafting on inflatable canoes

canoe, Pruth, Yaremcha 2007

canoe, Pruth, Yaremcha 2010
Ext./Int. Length, m 4,00/3,20
Ext./Int.Beam, m 1,08/0,45
Buoyancy Tube dia, m 0,33
Bow/stern rise, m, 0,58
Payload, kg, according to ISO6185 350
Crew 2-3
# of Chambers 2+1(inflatable bottom)
Folded canoe bag (length x height x.width) 0,86 0,44 0,50
Weight, kg (PVC fabric 1100 gramm/sq.m) 26
Weight, kg (Hypalon) 31

For anglers or river runners who mostly boat easy or non continuous river this inflatable canoe is intended. There is enough space for 2-3 people and their gear. Installing the third thwart (option) is possible amidst. Inflatable bottom makes your boating more comfortable.

Standard inflatable canoe comes equipped with two marine waterproof plywood or inflatable thwarts (free choice) , all round lifeline, 2 strips withcringles along tube for tying down gear and lacing thwarts, 2 lift handles, mounted to the hull, 5-liter footpump, packing bag.

Optional equipment for inflatable canoes:

  • additional inflatable thwart;
  • marine waterproof plywood thwart that is laced to hull.(+ 5 Euros);
  • bottom chafers (+100 Euros);
  • footpegs (footstraps), interfacing for thigh straps for those rodeo moves. (+ 10 Euro for each pair of interface)
  • automatic pressure relief valves (protect inflatable chambers from over-pressure( + 8 EURO per 1 valve);
  • we can affix a canoe nickname or company logo to the inflatable tube of your canoe (with other color of fabric) - 20 Euro
inflatable canoe. River Pruth in Carpathians
canoeing in Pruth rapid (photo from provider ExtremePoint)
marine plywood seat to be laced up to the inflatable boards inflatable thwart for inflatable canoe, kayak automatic pressure relief valve (240 mbar) to protect chamber from over-inflation (ortional)

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