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Jeannine 290 - yacht inflatable roll-up tender for 3 person

yacht roll-up tender j290 - photo
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yacht roll-up tender j290

Technical Data

Ext./Int. Length, m 2,90
Ext./Int.Beam, m 1,38/0,60
Buoyancy Tube dia, m 0,39
Payload, kg, according to ISO6185 420
Max. Person Capacity 3
Air Chambers 2
Recommend engine pover, HP 5
Max. HP 6
Stowed dimensions, m 0,95 0,55 0,25
Weight with slats, kg from PVC 800 gr per sq.m 25

In comparison with Fisher 290 this boat is wider, the diameter of the inflatable tube is lager (39 sm). Internal space is the same. Plus - Boat fendering rubbing flat strake along the tube.

This yacht tender has a good stability. 5 slats give firm footing and allow to stand in boat. The larger diameter of the balloon of inflatable tender - it is more dry, comfortably inside the boat; smaller draft of the boat, freeboard is more.

J290 powered with 6 hp outboard planes surely with 150 kg load (boat+ outboard+ passengers + petrol) under condition of right weight distribution.

"Bottom pocket" with 5 wooden slats can be shifted so that outer slat would lie close to the transom. By this is ensured correct flow separation aft, and means, the lighter motion of the boat (it is not formed the water bubble between the last lath and the transom, that brakes motion).

This boat as all roll-ups has minimum the procedure of assembling- dismantling. it is necessary only to spread boat and pump-in. Boat is prepared for launching.

For the inflating-deflating are used the valves of Ukrainian firm Borika (they are checked by almost 5-year practice).

The boat transom is made from 15 -mm thick of water-resistant plywood. It is reinforced by transom protectors from both sides.

Boat thwarts are made from marine plywood

Boat has low weight - 26 kg. And price is reasonable.

oar lock with oar for inflatable
boat rowlock

tent for inflatable boat

tent for roll-up tender

Standard equipment: boat comes with a 7 l foot pump with pump adapter, 2 oars, a repair kit, a printed users manual.
Useful boat accessories: bimini top, bow bag for the tackle, the bag-pad (it is hung up under the thwart, serves as the cushiony mat on thwart), life vest, mooring cables, boat anchor...Look at boat accessories
inflatable tender from PVC Jeannine 290
Rowing on Svityiaz lake in Ukrainian Shatski National Natural Park
Boating on Svityiaz lake

inflatable tender from PVC Jeannine 290
Boating on Svityiaz lake in Ukrainian Shatski National Natural Park
recreational rowing on inflatable boat J290
yacht tender j290n
inflatable dinghy Jeannine 290n obeys well the oars.
Motorised boating (including electric motors) is prohibited on Svityaz lake.
The photo of boat is kindly furnished by our buyer Leonid Tribun. On August 3, 2011

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